Navigating Instagram’s Action Blocks & Limits (2022 Edition)


This information is for educational purposes only. Dominateamzasap recommends building authentic relationships on Instagram. Do not use these settings for automation tools or to spam others on Instagram. For more information regarding Dominateamzasap’s stance on fighting spam & promoting authentic activity on Instagram, please see our Ethical Commitment page. This section should only be used by those who are seeking to understand Instagram’s manual growth algorithm. A practical guide on how to precisely warm up an account for follow / unfollow (also just called F/UF)

  • Start with 30 actions per day.
  • Increase with +30 every day until total actions = 300/day (Including both F/UF).
  • Keep your actions randomized & spread your activity throughout the day. For example, you can do 35 follows at 9AM. Then 40 unfollows at 11AM. Then unfollow again at 12:30PM. And so on…
  • Don’t do more than 60 actions in one go. This goes for both follow & unfollow.
  • Give breaks & do warmups (watch stories, reels, etc.) between F/UF activity. We want to make sure Instagram sees our actions as human. Don’t be too “robotic”.
  • Doing all the actions in one go and not randomizing (or not giving breaks between activity) can lead to action blocks. You may be able to follow 250 people the first day you create your Instagram account, but doing this number of actions over-and-over again will eventually lead to a block.