Our story

We Make Exclusive Industry Secrets Available To Anyone.

Created in Omaha, Nebraska.


At Dominateamzasap, we believe that starting an Amazon store shouldn’t be a secret and should be available to any marketer, business owner, or anyone who seek to start and sell on Amazon.

Today, the algorithm is setting a challenge to anyone who’s looking to scale their Amazon business, it seems like any product is already full with lots of sellers and the information you can find online is outdated, made to sell and gain another commission, just the basic stuff or over-complicated and misleading.

We started out as a social media marketing company and Amazon listing ranking service. We have been working with industry leaders and helping them grow their’s shop through forward-thinking, never-before-seen Amazon solutions. With every update, we found new ways to go around the algorithm and turn it into an asset, not a liability, and today, we’ve decided to make that information public. The information and actionable steps available in our Ebook is what companies are paying thousands upon thousands just to keep to themselves, meaning that you won’t find an opportunity of this caliber anywhere else! Why? Because we believe that this information should be public and should be depending on the professional behind the wheel, not information that no one has access to except for million-dollar businesses. Everything we’ve learned over the years, every solution, tip, and strategy is now between two virtual covers, waiting to be used by your team members to get your business to be seen, heard, and exposed.

Meet our team

Here’s the team that makes Dominateamzasap possible. This doesn’t include our growing list of Personal Growth Assistants, but it does include our office dog… so there’s that.

Staff pictures may not be entirely up-to-date. For example, our office dog now regularly wears a bandana.

                        Richard Miranda

Founder & CEO

Shivankar Gupta

Director of Operations

Francesco Vagliante

Director of Web Development


Director of Happiness